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Let's Clean Slovenia 2012

The biggest volunteer-based project in the history of Slovenia was inspired by a similar clean-up action, which happened in Estonia in 2008. The Estonians succeeded in carrying out the biggest environmental project to date - in only one day. Click here to see how they did it. A group of Slovenian volunteers called Ecologists without borderss decided to follow their example in 2010. The project was a massive success and you can read more about it in the final report.

With all the experience from the previous action, the preparations for 2012, as part of World Cleanup 2012, started already in the spring of 2011.

How to join the clean up?

Check the map of gathering spots or better yet, convince your Slovenian friends to join you and let them take care of the details. Bring a pair of gardening gloves, a bag or two, plenty of goodwill and you'll be all set! Thank you for helping us make our country cleaner!

Project goals: 

  1. To bring together 250,000 people on March 23-24th and carry out the biggest environmental project in the history of Slovenia and the world.
  2. To help spread awareness on environmental issues, promote voluntary work and to aid in a positive and long-term change in the current environmental legislation.
  3. To clean up at least 10,000 tons of illegaly dumped waste.
  4. To update the first digital register of illegal dump sites in Slovenia.

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